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Casterline depicts the funny, the absurd and the familiar – gleaning her figures from memory and observation of the human form, in conjunction with kinesthetic / haptic awareness – a by-product of her athletic background. 


Recent works explore the concept of “Play” and the blurred boundaries between work and play. The Schematic Series merges varied modes of graphic communication - combining pattern and perceptual representation, the symbol and the form, while incorporating the creative process of play, intuition and chance.  Applying this systematic drawing strategy, she hones in on the objective, with focus on the relationships between gesture, context and content.   


A self-proclaimed “magic light” junky, Casterline’s palette is influenced by the intense light, shadow and thick Southern air, juxtaposing her childhood color experience – gray, cool, crisp neutrals with pockets of saturated bright hues, characteristic of Northeast Ohio.